bare with me

i plan on mostly posting political cartoons i make, this is my first nonpersonal page-so i don’t really know what i’m doing here.



my rules for earth:



  • never, ever let anyone make you feel like less than what you are.
  • never let a man tell you your place
  • try to be a person that 6 year old you would be proud of
  • judge one, only by their character
  • accept all people, never discriminate
  • tell your parents you love them
  • donate
  • never be closed minded, be open to everything
  • do something everyday that scares you
  • practice whatever you believe, but do not let it change who you are
  • don’t kill insects, put them in the garbage so they can feed on your garbage
  • never be wasteful
  • recycle
  • listen to a genre of music you’ve never heard before
  • do not let your gender, sexuality, religion or race stand between you and your goals
  • stop shaving for at least one months per year
  • turn off your phone at night 6 times a week to dedicate to another task
  • ride a bike to work
  • donate blood
  • rescue an animal
  • have sex
  • oral sex
  • anal sex
  • vaginal sex
  • never be afraid of your body
  • embrace whatever you are
  • do not change for anyone, do not make anyone change for you
  • stop wearing make up.
  • wear whatever you want to wear, whatever you feel attractive in
  • smile at every stranger you see
  • do not wear two different color socks
  • eat locally processed food
  • do not diet for any reason other than physical health
  • make sure your undershirt is a different color than your outer shirt
  • learn to play an instrument
  • masturbate
  • hug any person you see crying in life, chances are they need it
  • never carry a weapon
  • always stay calm
  • take showers

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the world is a truly cold place kid.

in the past few months, i have become a fairly close relative to a darker side of the human mind that knowingly lies dormant in all of our heads. we often think that we have met that end point, i know i did. that is, until i spent time in juvi for crimes i didn’t commit; the most heartless place i have ever been. i will not get into that here. this blog is not about me, it is about the truth. it is hard to accept, and harder to admit.